employee1How to chose this most important individual from background and experience. Do you know the 3 most important personality traits this person should possess?

1. Attitude
2. Follow Through
3. Attention to Detail

One great bartender, Clearwater Florida 2009
One great bartender, Clearwater Florida 2009


Hiring, training, employee manuals.

Employee attitude dictates the feel of your club. Don’t build a beautiful club, and make mistakes here. Pretty furniture does not correct poor service!


1% Die
3% Move away
5% Other friendships
9% Competitive reasons
14% Product dissatisfaction
68% Quit because of attitude of indifference toward them by some employee

Over the years I have hired and trained hundreds of bartenders, waitress, doormen, promotional people, managers, etc. I can be of great assistance in this category.


Inventories, purchasing, payrolls, daily reports, P&L’s, bar accounting, theft and waste control and choice of cash registers.


Liquor cost
Payroll cost
Entertainment cost
Let me show you what you need and don’t need in a cash register. This area could be where the phrase “penny wise, pound foolish” was coined.


How quickly should you regain your initial investment? Do you have a business plan for the 1st year? There are three scenarios: 1- Worst 2- Acceptable 3- Money-Maker.

What type of club are you creating? Do you want average revenue that will last for many years or super high volume that will be finished in three to five years?

If your choice is the latter, do you have a game plan in place?


All areas, disco, pop, top 40, rock, jazz, blues, electronic, live or recorded. What will your clients want? Are you sure?

I am experienced in all of the above from supervising DJ’s, to managing 10 piece house bands to booking national acts.


In today’s ever competitive marketplace, Facebook, Twitter, Texting and e-mails are another answer to marketing at virtually no cost to you. Radio, television, newspaper, direct mail… which of these is best in your market and for your club?

I have experience and knowledge on my side and have used all of these marketing techniques. Be sure you are getting the best bang for your buck because they all cost money. There is also budgeting of weekly promotional costs. Some clubs need a sales and promotion department – will yours?


Is your bar packed with people three deep but at the end of the night the revenue doesn’t seem as high as you thought?
Guests sitting at tables all night, but not many rounds sold?
Employee turnover at a higher than acceptable level?
Utility bills seem higher than normal?
Employees are dissatisfied in tip splits?
Does the quality of your crowd match the investment in the club?
Is the age group what you are looking for?
Are you successful in promoting off nights?
Is the server asking for a refill when the drink is 3/4 empty?
Is your pricing right and up to date?
Is it taking guests to long to get through the front door? (hard to sell drinks when people are outside)
Are your nights starting later and later?
Average guest check… does it translate… you understand it?
If you have a cover; how many comps are allowed, who is comped, who makes the decision and why?
Are you informed on who your regulars and big spenders are… and are they given the special treatment they deserve?