DJ_GearI have purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars of this equipment over the years with trusted names such as JBL, E.V., Bose, Meyer, Crown, B.G.W. Gallien Kruger, Martin, High End, Rane, Dennon, and Technics to name a few.

I can tell you what worked best for me and specify it for you.


Your DJ booth is the heart of the club so you can’t cut corners on it. Be sure it is in the proper location and big enough to suit your needs. What does your DJ booth need to do?

Do you know?

If you are not sure, don’t leave this big decision to the DJ or light man. I can show you how to manage a DJ booth and the important do’s and don’ts.


DJ-BoothHaving played in bands and emceed every contest, promotion or event imaginable, I can show you how to build it and where to put it, for maximum effect.

If the performance is a band, a fashion show or anything in between, it must be able to handle all entertainment with ease.

Be prepared… a year down the road you may be doing shows or promotions you did not plan on today.


lightsA lot of money can and is wasted with sounds and lights! How much sound is enough?

Is there enough lighting?
There are countless brand name choices but who has the best warranties?
Do you have high tech employees and what equipment is idiot proof?
Is the sound system for live or recorded entertainment, or both?
Do you need intelligent lighting or just on and off switches with a good dimmer pack?
Proper placement of lights and speakers for maximum effect is paramount.
These are just a few of the many questions in this most expensive area.


Sinks, tables, ice bins, speed wells, etc. Don’t let a retailer design this, waste your money and sell you equipment you don’t need. I have seen this occur over and over again.

Did you know poor design can build employees you do not need and cost you for years to come?

Remember, I’m a bartender and a manager and I can specify your requirements with substantial savings to you.