Supervision and picking the right one. Who is the general contractor and are his sub-contractors capable? If you are not there who will be on site to protect your interests? Is this a new location or are you remodeling an existing one?

There are different problems. Know what your club should cost to build, furnish and open. Have bids finalized and leave some room for error. Remember, as you tour your club, and someone says, “why don’t we do this” or “we ought to change this” and you say “might as well”. If you say it to many times it can end up costing much more than you were planning when the final statement comes due.


IMG_0221-300x225Free standing, shopping plaza, office building, hotel, beach, basement, first floor, or upper level… all are different with their own pros and cons. Choices in square footage, levels, and ceiling height are matters for serious consideration. I am experienced in all of them, and depending on certain issues, some are much better than others.




design1Space planning is one of the most important things and is a major item that cannot be left to chance. Use space wisely!

Is it too big or too small?
Are traffic patterns in place?
Is there wasted space and dead areas?
Where do patrons sit?
Where do they stand?
What are sight lines?
Plan for every night and not just the weekends.


Your décor should be for longevity and clientele. Do you need to change every year or will it get better with age?

Take into consideration the bar tops, fixtures, wall coverings, carpet, dance floor, tables, chairs, etc., and ask yourself questions like: Can your carpet withstand cigarette burns?

Preventative maintenance… it’s a must.


ladiesroomImportant! (especially for women) – know the secret!

Do you know what the men’s room needs?

Have you thought what is important in it’s design?


jim_robiconti_6Architects are able to design beautiful projects but they are not bar people and must be assisted by a professional who knows what is functional.

Done properly, design will keep a club going when the newness wears off.