robiconti_legend-e1410493443761-338x310ABOUT JIM ROBICONTI

Jim Robiconti is a Bar Consultant for Functional Bar Design, Bar Equipment and Bar Management.

Jim is currently working on a book about his legendary career in the nightclub business and is seeking to share his vast knowledge with investors who want to make a profitable business.

“I have been an owner, operator, designer and consultant of bars for over 30 years. Starting as a young man with Holiday Inns of America, I was at one time the youngest general manager in the international system. As a musician and an emcee I always favored the lounge or disco inside my hotels and always produced anexcellent bottom line. I was so successful with one of them the franchise holder renamed it for me. “Mr. R’s place” at the Holiday Inn Airport in Tampa Florida opened in 1973 and launched my career in bars and night clubs.

In July 1976 I built my first free standing disco named “The Great Doctor Robiconti’s Miracle Elixir and Music Emporium”. It was 10,000 square feet, decor was reminiscent of an old time travelling medicine show. It featured bands and DJ’s seven nights a week and was a huge success at the height of the disco craze! Over the next 15 years I built three more “Robicontis” along with consulting and designing clubs for other individual clients.

In 1992 I began consulting full time and did work for Hilton, Hyatt,Fun Cruise, Tex Mex, Coastal Gaming and many private investors. Over the years I have designed, built, and managed everything from a 100 seat executive hotel lounge, to a rock and roll beach bar, to a jazz club featuring a 17 piece orchestra all the way to high volume discos with capacity in excess of 1500 people.

I am proud to say that I am familiar with every position in a club from bartender to public relations director. In 1995 I was contracted to build a large disco in Lima, Peru and since have built six more high volume clubs in that city.

I returned to Tampa Florida in 2006 and designed and built a Rock & Roll Bar – Restaurant and then designed a Rooftop Club at a hotel in Alabama.

At the end of 2008 I was contracted to remodel, design and manage a boutique hotel on the Pacific just south of Lima, Peru in a beach community named Asia. You may see photos and read about it at

In 2010 I again was contacted by the principle of another international casino group headquartered in Santiago Chile. I was given the task of changing a defunct bowling alley into a high energy disco at the Grande Casino de Talca.
The disco is called Joker’s and we opened in November of 2010. I am the director of operations and am proud to say it is passing all expectations.”

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,