Thanks for taking the time out to visit my site and I am sure your time will be well spent. My name is Jim Robiconti and this site is a synopsis of my experience in the bar and disco business for over 35 years and as they say….there is no teacher like experience.

If you are planing to open a liquor venue or need help with remodeling or promoting an existing location or have questions on lounge, bar or disco management I believe that I could be of help to you.

It is MOST IMPORTANT to remember that no matter the project…be it a high volume disco or night cub, a lounge or a pub…the most important thing for any type of bar is ……LOCATION!!!

Please take the time to look through the following sections and you will see photos of some of the night clubs, discos and bars I have designed and operated. You will also read about my thoughts and opinions on bar management, accounting, promotions, layouts and designs, bar equipment for under bar and ice machines, to name a few.

I’m sure this site will answer many of your questions and may give you some fresh ideas.

You will see casino bars……in Lima Peru and Talca Chile
You will see pool bars…… in Chiclayo Peru and Asia Peru
You will see high volume discos…….in Tampa Florida, Lima Peru, Talca Chile and Manta Ecuador
You will see hotel bars and lounges……in Charlotte N.C. and Clearwater Florida
You will see a jazz club….in Ybor City Florida
You will see a rock and roll beach bar……in Asia Peru
You will see night clubs…..in Tampa Florida
You will see restaurant bars…..in Tampa Florida and Lima Peru
and lots more supporting information.

Whether it is a disco, night club, lounge, pub or bar…..
I have designed, managed or consulted on all of them.
Thank you for your time and interest and good luck!

Best Personal Regards,
Jim Robiconti